Town Hall 6 Upgrade Priority

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Town Hall 6

On this page of our guide, we will explain what the best upgrades are for Town Hall 6 in Clash of Clans and how you’ll benefit from each of them.

The upgrade order is important because it will allow you to raid more efficiently and protect your hard earned resources from attacking players.

  1. Laboratory
  2. Army Camps
  3. Spell Factory
  4. Clan Castle
  5. Gold Mines & Elixir Collectors
  6. Gold Storage & Elixir Storage
  7. Wizard Towers
  8. Air Defenses
  9. Mortars
  10. Archer Towers
  11. Cannons
  12. Air Sweeper
  13. Traps
  14. Walls

We believe that the the Laboratory building should be the first thing to upgrade at Town Hall 6. The reason behind that is because you’ll unlock several key upgrades for your troops that benefit you in wars, farming and trophy pushing. The upgrades are mentioned below in the Laboratory section of this page.

The Army Camp is an important second upgrade at this level. It increases the size of the army that you can use during a raid. Brining more troops to a raid increases your chances of winning.

The Spell Factory will unlock a new spell that can be used to heal your troops during battle. Upgrading the building will also allow you to queue and bring an additional spell to a raid.

Traps can quickly change the outcome of an attack. Most traps must be rearmed by you (unless in a war) before they’re able to be used again. We recommend upgrading most of the other towers before you start to work on them since they’re not always able to be used in every defense.

Walls can be upgraded sooner in the priority list if you have extra resources to spend on them. We recommendthat you max all of your walls before moving on to the next Town Hall level.

  1. Wall Breaker
  2. Giant
  3. Healing Spell
  4. Wizard
  5. Balloon

There’s a few reasons why the Wall Breaker should be your first Laboratory upgrade. The first reason is that by upgrading the unit to the max level they will now be able to break through your opponent’s walls with one less unit. This frees up space in your army and allows you to bring other units that can be used for tanking or dealing damage. The second reason why this unit should be upgraded first is because it can be used in any army composition. This upgrade directly benefits farming as well as wars and trophy pushing.

The Giant is your primary tanking unit at this level. It’s a core unit for your war and trophy army. It’s important to upgrade your tanking units first otherwise your damage dealing troops won’t stay alive very long on the battlefield. The Giant can also be used in farming which is an added bonus.

The Healing Spell is the spell of choice for Town Hall 6. It can be used in any army composition and it works very well with Giants. You should upgrade the spell after your important troop upgrades because a strong spell will not be able to make up for weak units.

The Wizard is a powerful damage dealing troop but it comes at a cost. It’s an expensive unit to make at Town Hall 6 and will primarily be used for wars and trophy pushing. Since there’s limited use for the unit in farming we recommend upgrading it later than the other choices.

We saved the Balloon upgrade for last. Although it’s a fun unit to use there are more viable army compositions for farming, wars and trophy pushing. We feel that the Balloon becomes more viable at a higher level Town Hall.