Town Hall 7 Army

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Town Hall 7

On this page of our guide, we will show you several Town Hall 7 army compositions that can be used for farming, during wars and for gaining trophies.

These recommendations are based on extensive play testing to determine the usefulness of each build.

A farming army is designed for gaining resources quickly. The army is built in a short amount of time and it doesn’t take a lot of resources to make. The trade off to these benefits is that the army will not be as strong as other compositions.


  • x8 Wall Breakers
  • x92 Barbarians
  • x92 Archers

We recommend using an even split between Barbarians and Archers. This will give balance to your army and is a great starting point for farming. The easiest way to do this is to queue up 2 Wall Breakers In each of your Barracks. Fill the remaining space of 2 Barracks with Archers and the other 2 with Barbarians.

Build order

  • Barracks 1: x2 Wall Breakers, max Barbarians
  • Barracks 2: x2 Wall Breakers, max Barbarians
  • Barracks 3: x2 Wall Breakers, max Archers
  • Barracks 4: x2 Wall Breakers, max Archers


  • 2x Rage Spell
  • 1x Healing Spell


  • x10 Dragons


You’ll need to use different spells depending on what level Town Hall you’re attacking. As a result, communication and coordinating attacks with your Clan is extremely important during a Clan War.

Town Hall 6 & 7

  • 3x Lightning Spell

3x Lightning Spells are used when attacking a Town Hall 6 and 7 base. You’ll drop all of the spells on an opponent’s Air Defense tower to destroy it. You’ll then send your Dragons to attack the base from the side closest to the remaining Air Defense tower(s).

Town Hall 8

  • 2x Rage Spell
  • 1x Healing Spell

Rage and Healing Spells are used when attacking a Town Hall 8 player. Town Hall 8 has 3 Air Defense towers and more powerful towers that can attack air units compared to TH6 and TH7. You’ll need to use the Rage spells to get your Dragons to destroy the Air Defense towers quickly. Use the Healing Spell to keep your Dragons alive once they’ve made it close to the core of the base.

Clan Castle

  • 1x Dragon

The Dragon is not always needed when fighting a Town Hall 7 base but it’s nice to have the extra firepower in your army. The unit is needed when you’re fighting a Town Hall 8 player. Town Hall 8 bases have stronger anti air towers and having an extra Dragon in your army increases your chances of winning.