Town Hall 7 Guide

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Town Hall 7

Welcome to our Town Hall 7 guide for Clash of Clans. Our guide will show you everything you need to know about Town Hall 7 which includes a base layout, building upgrade priority and more.

Town Hall 7 is the best level for farming because you’re able to win most raids with inexpensive units and you’re not affected as much by the loot penalty system. Starting at this level, we recommend that you max all of your buildings before upgrading to the next Town Hall level.

Dark Elixir is a new resource that will be unlocked at this Town Hall level. The resource is used for building new troops and for upgrading them.

The Barbarian King is your first hero unit that will be unlocked at this level. He behaves similarly to normal troops and can be used to assist you during a raid or can be used to defend an attack. The Barbarian King is immortal but he will need to sleep before he can be used again if he receives damage during combat.