Town Hall 8 Base

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Town Hall 8

On this page of our guide, we will show you our recommended base layout for Town Hall 8 in Clash of Clans. The layout is optimized for protecting your resources and trophies from an attacking player.

The December 2015 update brought two major changes that impact base layouts for everyone. The first major change is that the Town Hall will no longer give you a shield if it’s destroyed in combat and the second is that the Town Hall gives an attacking player significantly more loot when it’s destroyed. As a result, you’ll now need to protect the building rather than placing it outside of your base for a free shield.

Town Hall 8 Base

Town Hall - This should be placed in the center of your base. If the Town Hall is destroyed in battle it gives the attacker one star. The more stars your attacker gets the more trophies you will lose.

Clan Castle - This should be placed near the center of your base and is a key structure for defense. Always have units in the castle so that it can be used for offense and defense.

Wizard Tower - These towers do amazing splash damage. Like mortars, they are great against units that are close to one another. You’ll gain an extra Wizard Tower at this Town Hall level and have a total of three. These will be placed on the perimeter of your base where units are most likely to get grouped up.

Archer Tower - Archer towers are very good at providing single target damage. They’re also able to attack ground and air units which them more important than the cannon. You’ll be gaining an extra archer tower at this Town Hall level and you should place all five of them on the outer ring of your base.

Cannon - The cannon is a great unit for picking off individual troops. It can only target ground troops and it doesn’t have splash damage so it’s best to place the cannon at the outer ring of your base rather than your core. You’ll have the same number of cannons at this Town Hall level as you did with Town Hall 7.

Mortar - Similar to the Clan Castle, this is a very important defensive unit. The mortar does splash damage so it becomes increasingly more powerful as units get clumped up trying to reach the core of your base. You gain an extra mortar at this Town Hall level so all four of them should be placed in the center of your base.

Air Defense - These do tremendous damage to air units. You’ll gain an extra air defense at this Town Hall level which will help you to defend against pesky air troops. All of the air defense units should be placed at the center of your base to finish off any units that slipped by the outside ring of defense.