Town Hall 8 Upgrade Priority

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Town Hall 8

On this page, we will explain what the best upgrades are for Town Hall 8 in Clash of Clans and how the base will benefit from each of them.

The upgrade order is important because it will allow you to raid more efficiently and protect your hard earned resources from attacking players.

The upgrade order for Town Hall 8 is:

  1. Laboratory
  2. Clan Castle
  3. Dark Elixir Drill
  4. Dark Elixir Storage
  5. Barbarian King
  6. Wizard Towers
  7. Air Defenses
  8. Mortars
  9. Archer Tower
  10. Cannon
  11. Air Sweeper
  12. Hidden Tesla
  13. Skeleton Trap
  14. Barracks
  15. Dark Barracks
  16. Walls

TH8 Upgrade Summary

We feel that the Laboratory is the most important building to upgrade at Town Hall 8. We suggest placing it first because it unlocks many helpful upgrades that benefit farming, wars and trophy pushing. The detailed list of Laboratory upgrades can be found below on this page.

The Clan Castle is a great second choice for an upgrade. The building will benefit your offensive raiding power and your base defense because it will allow you to have more troop capacity in the building. Upgrades that serve multiple purposes like this are very important.

You’ll unlock a new Dark Elixir Drill at this level. Make sure to build it as soon as possible because your Barbarian King’s upgrades are going to start getting more expensive. A lot of the time at this level will be spent constantly upgrading your Barbarian King in preparation for Town Hall 9.

You’ll unlock some new troops at this level by upgrading your Barracks and Dark Barracks. They’re fun to use but aside from the extra queue capacity we feel that the upgrade is worth delaying. The existing troops that you already have unlocked going into this level do a very good job for any army composition. If you’re interested in trying the new troops by all means you should upgrade the Barracks. If you’re looking to save time and resources then we suggest delaying the upgrades.

Walls are always a good building to upgrade when you have spare resources. We recommend upgrading these to the max level before moving on to Town Hall 9. Weak walls make you an easy target and that’s why we recommend maxing them.

The Laboratory upgrade order for Town Hall 8 is:

  1. Archer
  2. Barbarian
  3. Wall Breaker
  4. Dragon
  5. Giant
  6. Healing Spell
  7. Rage Spell
  8. Lightning Spell
  9. Hog Rider
  10. Wizard
  11. Golem
  12. Earthquake Spell
  13. Poison Spell
  14. P.E.K.K.A
  15. Healer
  16. Balloon
  17. Minion
  18. Valkyrie

TH8 Laboratory Upgrade Summary

The Archer and the Barbarian are your standard farming troops because they’re cheap and fast to build. Town Hall 8 as an additional upgrade for each of them and it greatly improves your farming potential. We recommend focusing on these first in your Laboratory upgrade order.

The Wall Breaker is an important upgrade at this level. The new level of the Wall Breaker will allow you to use one less troop to break through stronger walls. This will allow you bring less Wall Breakers and free up space in your army. The extra space can be used for bringing troops that serve other purposes like tanking and damage dealing.

Dragons are very strong air units and they’ll be your primary unit for wars and trophy pushing. We suggest upgrading the Dragons shortly after you max out your farming troop upgrades so that you can use them for stronger army compositions.

The Giant will still be your primary tanking unit at this level. It starts becoming less popular in wars because there are stronger alternatives but the unit is still very good for farming. We recommend upgrading it so that you’re able to fight stronger bases when farming and not forced to avoid them.

The Healing and Rage Spell are interchangeable at this level depending on which you like to use more. We feel that the Healing Spell has a slight edge over the Rage Spell because it scales very nicely with Giants and can be used more often in farming as well as wars.

Upgrading your Hog Riders will strengthen your ground forces. Hog Riders are used in a lot of strong ground army compositions and are powerful against most TH8 bases. Hog Riders are costly at this level so we recommend only using them when you absolutely need to.

The Golem is a new tanking unit that’s unlocked at this level. It’s much stronger than the Giant but it also happens to cost more to build. The Golem complements many ground army compositions and will be a big help for wars when you have spare Dark Elixir to use.